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Local, personalised medical Service 

Pooling their joint expertise, Chirec and Brussels Quality Medicals have opened a clinic in the heart of the Louise-Châtelain district at 235B Avenue Louise.

Local, personalised service, comfort and quality are the values that are the core of this ambitious project. We offer general and specialist medicine, clinical biology (sampling an analysis), pre-and post operative care, medical imaging and all dental specialties.

While the importance of our services and their diversity is an ongoing concern, we believe it is essential to offer the most comprehensive patient care. To do this, your City Clinic CHIREC Louise integrates numerous medical projects and treatment plans involving different specialties working in screening, treatment and support of complex diseases.

  • CHIREC Cancer institute Breast Clinic
  • Multiple Sclerosis Clinic
  • Obesity Clinic
  • Dental Clinic
  • Checkup Clinic

Through the very close relationship between the CHIREC entities and the proximity to Edith Cavell and the Parc Leopold Clinic, patients benefit from the high-tech medical expertise of a hospital network, wich can be called upon to enhance your personalised care when required.

Your City Clinic CHIREC Louise provides an attentive service to enable you to attend your appointments while minimising your time constraints. The public car park under the building is available to you and computerised management of your appointments gives you accurate information about your appointment time and its likely duration.

Our facilities and equipment are at your disposal. Down to the smallest details, we have tried to ensure maximum comfort. With the provision of showers, our breakfast service and WI-FI access, not to mention the kindness ans benevolence of our teams,our goal is to make the City Clinic CHIREC Louise your medical choice.

The City Clinic CHIREC Louise, founded by one of the best European hospital networks, offers a truly modern vision of local medical care of the highest quality.


Multidisciplinary medical expertise

We organise a mutlidisciplinary team approach to the prevention, treatment and monitoring of various diseases. This ensures that a treatment plan can be developed, tailored to the individual needs of our patients. Everything is taken into account based on this comprehensive vision. It is important to consider all aspects,including the pathology and its secondary effects, but also the socio-psychological environment, and family, social and professional constraints.

patients & therapists in proximity

Located in the heart of Brussels, the City Clinic CHIREC Louise seeks to establish a personal relationship with all its patients. Knowing and understanding our patients well improves the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

The City Clinic CHIREC Louise strives to be the vital link between the attending physician and our specialists. Particular attention is paid to the needs expressed by our colleagues and the expectations they have for monitoring their patients. The City Clinic CHIREC Louise sees family doctors as essential to its approach and invites them when necessary to participate actively in multidisciplinary work. In every case, they receive quality information on their patient's treatment at the City Clinic CHIREC Louise.

The City Clinic CHIREC Louise also seeks to be the link between the patient and the high-tech medical hospital sites. The City Clinic CHIREC Louise use the same software tools as the five major hospitals in the CHIREC network. This mean there is full information sharing, providing the best guarantee that all data concerning patients will be taken into consideration if they are admitted to hospital. This link between a local centre and a hospital complex is one of the cornerstones of the City Clinic CHIREC Louise.

well-being & comfort

A world removed from clinical functionality, the City Clinic CHIREC Louise offers a warm and comfortable environment with a modern decor. Attention to detail contributes greatly to the comfort of our patients. From breakfast, showers and changing rooms to multilingual staff and comfortable waiting rooms, everything is designed to make you feel at home.

Our practitioners expertise, the multidisciplinary approach and the benefit of high-end medical equipment contribute to patient well-being and ensure effective care.