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The Checkup Clinic is the centre of preventive medicine at your City Clinic CHIREC Louise.

We organise assessments for general health awareness and advise on risks related to your lifestyle and your condition.

Understanding and learning about risks through an assessment is a vital starting point for health care. This is done through the general health workup. This is actually a "multidisciplinary general checkup".

Periodic assessments are very important to maintain an up-to-date record of your health status, but also for the early detection of any disease.

Detecting a disease as early as possible greatly improves treatment efficacy, patient comfort and treatment duration, thereby reducing costs.

In some cases, early detection also increases the chances of surviving a serious disease, such as cancer, for example.

The checkups are typically organised through investigation programmes, which are usually defined in terms of age and gender. Specific programmes can also be drawn up based on knowledge gained from your general checkup or on your doctor’s recommendations.

Checkups have been available for many years. The centres that offer them differ in terms of the quality of services provided, the support service and the time devoted to the checkup.

Your City Clinic CHIREC Louise is planning to offer an innovative extra by supplementing the usual services with diagnostic investigations related to a balanced lifestyle and stress management. An original approach is being developed for the detection and prevention of burnout.


  • Those wishing to determine their general health and understand the potential risks identified during a general health assessment.
  • Those wishing to adopt a preventive approach to their health and eager to benefit from early diagnosis.
  • For companies that want to contribute to the well-being of their personnel by organising periodic assessments.


The assessments take between two and three hours and can be completed in one session.

You arrive in the morning on an empty stomach. A snack and drink will be provided as soon as the biological samples have been taken.

Some programmes include a stress test or a colonoscopy. For your convenience, showers and changing rooms are available at the City Clinic CHIREC Louise, allowing you to freshen up before leaving the centre.

The assessment is relayed in a comprehensive report that is issued as soon as possible. If you wish, this report can be sent to your GP on request.